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People E-mail us after they get the results of the exam . Usually we hear from those that have passed and incorporate their suggestions in our study course. Unfortunately people that don't pass feel their performance on the exam is a reflection of their competency as a professional rather than how well they take tests or happen to be feeling that day! Those that don't pass are put back on the site for FREE. We want you to pass; we need more professionals out there!!

"It's in there" is very true!!! With my one day subscription taken out yesterday, I took the practice exam several times. I identified my weakest area and studied accordingly. Well I passed the test today, and found that my weakest area was the bulk of the test! For me your review was very helpful. Thank You. Mary
Hi Linton- I took the National Boards on May 5th. I had signed up for the one week program with you and reviewed everyday using the online tools (esp. exam questions). The experience was extemely helpful in my successfully passing the exam on the first try. I am glad I had found your website. Anne
Thank you. Your motivationals when I first signed up really helped. They were about not letting fear stop me from preparing as best as I could for the test. I passed the test on my first try and your website was a HUGE help in preparing me for it. Thank you. I saved those motivational emails so I can use them when I'm procrastinating about something with my new career. I do have a job already so that's very exciting. Thank you again for creating a website that helps massage therapists realize their dreams. Mary Pat
Mary Pat
USA - was great! It helped me see where my weak areas were, and the tips on answering Multiple Choice questions was very beneficial. Thank You, Debbie
I passed!!!!!! Not sure of my grade right now but thank you for the time, practices and the encouragement, words of wisdom and motivationals to keep me on track each and every night and day. God bless you and all who travel this path. Next is the practical then, I am in business..................... Bless you all .. like a butterfly I am ever ready to spread my wings and show my true colors. with love for my new found family of massage therapists.. Hugs to all.
Thank you very much, I passed the National Massage & Bodywork exam today!
Hi, just an update , I took my exam on Sat and I PASSED!!!!! thanks for your great site, it really helped. Karen P.S. My score levels on the exam were high.
I am writing to extend my great appreciation for your support and skill in helping me to prepare and pass the NCMTB Exam! I felt like I had a friend and sincere supporter in the e-mails sent and the myriad of information entailed in your website. This has been a mile stone in my life and want to thank you for helping to partake in that. The everyday motivationals, access 24 hours to questions which helped me to organize the information i needed to know, stress coping skills, test-taking skills....your website i found searching online was a gift. Thank you and blessings for your greater success, health, and happiness.
Hi! I took the National Exam after subscribing to your web site for 7 days. I PASSED THE FIRST TIME! I also used a review book by Ashton & Cassel called Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification. The book helped me focus my studying and was a good review, but the practice quizzes and other resources at your web site really put my confidence and test-taking know-how over the top! I was able to look up questions I got wrong and the question format and content was so similar to the actual exam! This is a wonderful web site and I've told all the teachers and students I could at my school. Anyway, thank you so much! It feels great to finally be over the last hurdle and that I can now call myself a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker!! Keep up the good work! Sincerely Thankful, Ashlee
Thank you! I could not have done it without your site. It got my brain back into shape for test questions!  I will tell all my friends!

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