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This started out as a Bulletin Board Service, to give students the opportunity to discuss concerns but evolved into something else!! The study buddy section is a list of people that are looking for other to study with in the same town, city or state. Some study over the phone, or just E-mail back and forth during the week. Hint: Most people that pass this exam the first time form study groups that meet on a regular basis...

This site is a free service provided by Licensure Exams, Inc. to give students a place to post and connect with others studying for comps or exams. Dated postings and responses to the posting may be removed from time to time.

Please remember that this is a public forum. Postings should not violate the privacy of any person, business, exam materials or other entity and should not contain any unsolicited or inappropriate advertising or promotional materials. The opinions expressed on this study buddy bulletin board are those of individual users and not necessarily those of Licensure Exams, Inc. Licensure Exams, Inc. is not liable for ideas and opinions expressed in this forum.

"Divulging information related to the examination not only violates the contractual obligation between the candidate for licensure and licensing body, but also likely violates the practice act in many jurisdictions, subjecting individuals to disciplinary action." The function of this Study Buddy section is to help individuals contact each other to study for the exam only

If you want to leave information CLICK HERE NOTE::: Username: study Password: buddy

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Monroe, LA Email. As much as I can.
dung <trandh19@icloud.com>

07/11/2016 Danbury, CT email
Kelly <kmccaffrey@ridley.edu>

Anytime, Anywhere Hi! I noticed people here share the same problem as I had until I found a solution. I'm the type of person who requires someone to keep me motivated or someone to watch what I'm doing to pressure me to be on my best behavior. I'm the type of person to study efficiently in libraries and not at home where I spend most of my time. It's difficult for me to study when I'm feeling lonely at home, as a result I fill my lonely feeling with facebook, youtube, or instagram. I found this awesome virtual study hall filled with people who also share the same goals and problems. We're a small group, but very active. You should really consider looking at this http://tinychat.com/jaetea Password is getstudying The downside about this virtual study hall is that it can be inactive at certain times. Most users are from Europe. But give it a try and see if it's right for you. I hope to see you there :) P.S. I find it works best when you webcam yourself or your desktop (use manycam for this. Ask people there to help you). Not only will it keep you at your best behavior, but it will also make you feel good that you're motivating someone else. You're basically a role model for someone and you want to be a good one. :)
Virtual Study Hall <http://tinychat.com/jaetea>

losangeles, LA by multiple choice
matt <mahdi.memarzadeh@hotmail.com>

9-1-62, ala email
ladon <williamsladon45@yahoo.com>

08/11/12 San Francisco, CA Usually free every morning. I have taken the exam 2 times one with score of 283 and the one i had today was 290...so really just want to have buddy to study with, whether on Skype, or phone...really what ever will help...I am planning to take the test later sometime in september to give me more time.
Rolando <r.casella@live.com>

07/04/12 Port St. Lucie, FL I'd like to study at a library, with another female.
Marie <marieziegler3@yahoo.com>

07/04/12 Port St. Lucie, FL I'd like to study at a library
Marie <marieziegler3@yahoo.com>

6/13/2012, Lawrence, ks Everyday as much as possible
Kal <khalid86kofahi@hotmail.com>

07/26/12, fl i would like to study by phone, or email. I would like to study every week day!
cindy <hipsontherun@yahoo.com>

05/31/12, fl Everyday
diane <cj14dmj@yahoo.com>

05/24/2012, nv Hello, My name is Octavea and I graduated from the Academy of Healing Arts in July of 2010. I would like a female to study with by phone email or on the tradmill. I live in north las vegas. Thanks!!
Octavea <OctaveaAdams143@yahoo.com>

02/02/12 in Lawrence, KS As often as possible as many ways as possible! Test is 3/23/12
Angela <danger-monkey@hotmail.com>

Pittsburgh, PA Can we study via email, text, and phone, please? Two to three nights a week, preferably later hours.
Abby <beyondrelaxed@gmail.com>

11/14/2011 new london, ct email is fine i wrote wrong email address on the 7th
dana <twinnys8@yahoo.com>

11/11/11 banda, u.p i need synopsis report on study buddy. this is my project.and tell me about that.
nirmal <nirmalgautam19@gmail.com>

11/11/11 banda, u.p email
nirmal <nirmalgautam19@gmail.com>

11/07/11 new london, ct email i study a few hours everyday
dana <twinnys*@yahoo.com>

04/01/2011 Miami, fl Phone, Email and AIM, whenever I'm stuck on a question if possible everyday
Alvaro <ll3addazz05ll@aol.com>

02/11/11 Detroit, Mi I am a graduate of Everest. I've been out of practice for awhile and I need a tutor for the NCBTM exam. I'm will pay you for your time. Study by email maybe 5 days a week for the whole 90 days. please contact me at terema_sturges@yahoo.com and ID yourself.
Terema <terema_sturges@yahoo.com>

02/07/11 new britain, ct couple hours a week via phone or library
brenda <bbbortiz2003@yahoo.com>

01/29/11 Detroit, mi I am a graduate of Everest of Detroit. I've been out of practice for awhile now, and need someone to study with/ tutor me for the NCBTMB exam. I am willing to go for it five (5) days a week for the next three (3) months. If you are as serious as I am please contact me at terema_sturges@yahoo.com please ID yourself so I'll know who and what you are about.
Terema <terema_sturges@yahoo.com>

01/27/11 Detroit, Mi Email five days a week, but my problem for the moment is that I have to come to the libaray. Which only gives me about an hour online. I'm to get my own in Feb. What can I do?
Terema <terema_sturges@yahoo.com>

01/19/11 plantation, fl email,aim. every day
lucy <lucyharris2010@hotmail.com>

12/29/10 Las Vegas, NV I graduate from Nevada School of Massage Therapy since May 2010. I took the national exam 3 times already and didn't pass. I can study better in person or through facebook chat or Yahoo IM at least 3 times a week. I really want to retake the exam the coming year.
Yuchen <yuchenwu2006@yahoo.com>

11/22/10, il I have been out of school for quite some time. I live in Chicago,il and am looking for a tutor. A very patient tutor. It feels as though I have to start from the beginning.I am looking for a tutor to help me pass the nationals for the NCBTMB in massage therapy. Please e-mail me at sophiakatz2u@yahoo.com if you are serious and committed(of course I would pay someone) Thank you.
sophia <sophiakatz2u@yahoo.com>


08/30/10, Tx email would be better and any time as long as i can squeeze some studying for the day. Email me i'm going to be taking my national exam soonish.. just make sure when you send me an email to put on the subject line that it's for massage therapy otherwise i'll mark you as junk mail.
Nelly <tinker_bell0812@yahoo.com>

8/20/10 Brooksville, FL Phone, Email, Aim, Skype.. FB anything really .. how ever to get in contact that works for me and the other person and I need to get as much study time as possible!
Alexis <PommeDeSang3@hotmail.com>

08/04/2010, New York, NY Email, once a week
Jessica <acissejm@gmail.com>

07/19/2010, ga phone email in person 3 days a week
Joy <elmorefamily08@gmail.com>

06/14/2010 , GA I'm looking for a study buddy via email several times a week. I can also scan and fax material back and forth.
Electra <electra.edwards@yahoo.com>

06/10/2010,email 6 times a week
Johanne <djessy85@yahoo.com>

05/31/2010 peoria, az in person 1x time a week. flexable
Tracy <tlfate@yahoo.com>

05/27/2010 miami, fl email, yahoo messenger
rebecca <rebecca.desir001@mymdc.net>

05/20/10 denver, co Email , at least once a week , tue , fri, or sun
troy <troywright@hotmail.com>

11/13/81 Virginia Beach, VA yahoo messenger as offten as posible looking for some one to study with about the anatimy portion. i have already graduated but am looking for some one with info on how to take the national in virginia beach. would really like to get licenced its been to long sence ive done anything about my chosen profetion :) if your near me and interested in studying together please let me know. i graduated with a 3.88 but could use a study budy or some one willing to exchange massages for practice. :) please let me know.
Jessica <Jessicahrnr@msn.com>

03/29/10 Temple, Tx study as much as i can thru email or IM
Ashley <ashleydewrell@yahoo.com>

Riverview, FL email many times at posisble
lily <lilygoodselltong@yahoo.com>

03/04/10 Stockbridge, GA I am looking for a study buddy in Atlanta or Stockbridge Georgia area. Either by phone or email 3 times a week. Thank You.
Sara <sjnformed@hotmail.com>

03/04/10 Stockbridge, GA I am looking for a study buddy in Atlanta or Stockbridge Georgia area. Either by phone or email 3 times a week. Thank You.
Sara <sjnformed@hotmail.com>

dallas, tx needing study buddy in texas

03/01/10 Jacksonville , FL Phone &/or Email. 2-4 times a week. Will be moving to Philly, PA soon and will need a study buddy there.
Shelby <uniqueflgirly@gmail.com>

03/01/10, Nashville, TN AIM
Sierra <sierrareser@hotmail.com>

08/05/84, ct email
Bob <lkjeeas@yahoo.com>


01/01/09 Winter Park, Fl All entries have been removed from 2009! Happy New Year and good luck with the exam!
Linton <CrushTheExam@gmail.com>

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